Corey Nicolas Collins Designer

Over the past 17+ years, corey nicolas collins has been pleased to have achieved success in pursuing passions in the design & marketing arena. Through employment at Fortune 500/1,000 Companies and pursuing individual success for small to medium sized business owners and serial entrepreneurs.
Always having a passion for the arts & Architecture, Corey Nicolas Collins have been able to expand in the field of design to include architectural, graphic, web & brand design.
My passion for design has also allowed me a progressive marketing and brand speciality over the years as I continue to seek out fresh new opportunities for success.
Not afraid of failure, I keep action oriented with a mixture of relationship building skills and communication as forefront for my goals of success.
With a developed career in brand development, marketing & project management, I strive for excellence and reaching each projects goal.
Being able to have a great diverse background has given me great decision making and analytical skills for professional taks at hand.
::Feel free to Connect with me on new projects opportunities and connections::
Specialties: Design development, negotiation, business brand management, brand cohesiveness, competitive analysis, presentation, marketing plans, meeting client Initiatives, new brand strategy and project development.